Show Me the Price Teach your kids how much things really cost!

What You'll Need:

paper, pen, five grocery items, candy or small reward

Estimated Time

30 minutes


What Your Child Will Learn:
  • Make the picks. Most kids aren’t aware that every single item you buy costs money. Today, your child will play a guessing game to learn the cost of certain grocery items and to understand the importance of responsible spending. Ask your child to randomly pick five grocery items from the cupboards and place them on the table.
  • Set up shop. Without your child seeing it, write down the price of each product on separate pieces of paper. Flip the papers over so that your child cannot see the number you wrote down. Place each piece of paper in front of the item that corresponds to its price (so the paper with $3 written on it will go face down in front of the $3 item).
  • Guess the price. Now for the fun part! Have your child guess the price of each item. Write down their guess on the blank side of the paper in front of each product, but don't give them any hints.
  • Reveal the cost. Now it’s time to reveal the cost of the items and see how close your child’s guess was. Treat this like a game show: Read their guess aloud and then do a big reveal of the actual cost. You may choose to give them a piece of candy or some small reward if they get within a certain amount of the price. Don't forget to take photos!
  • Count the cost. Finally, have your child add up the total cost of the groceries on the table. Explain how long it would take for them to earn enough commission to pay for the items. This will make them more aware of an item’s true value. Who knows, maybe they will not waste as much food at dinner when they realize how much you paid for it!
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Teachable Moment

This is a good time to tell your child how much it costs to feed your family each week. Help them understand everything has a price, so it is important that we spend responsibly. It may shock them to know that what they earn for chores would be quickly spent buying the most basic things for your home.

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