Deal Quest Teach your kids to be savvy and responsible shoppers with a grocery-shopping challenge.

What You'll Need:

$20 bill

Estimated Time

30 minutes


What Your Child Will Learn:
  • Explain the quest. Today your kids are going to go on a Deal Quest to purchase five grocery items for under $20. And here’s the fun part: They get to keep the change, so the smarter they spend, the more money they get to keep for themselves. The goal is teach kids to shop smart (buying generic rather than name brand) and to compare prices. You might make this quest a part of your weekly trip to the grocery. If so, your child will be responsible for only five items on the list.
  • Make a plan. Decide which grocery items your child will search for at the store. Figure up the cost of each item and add them together. (For example, you might choose a $4 box of cereal, $3 soap, a $5 pizza, $3 paper towels, and a $4 bag of shredded cheese. That totals $19, but we’ll round it up to $20.) Write the items on a separate list for your child.
  • Go on a deal quest. Once you get to the store, give your child their grocery list and a $20 bill. They might even get their own basket or cart. As they find each item on their list, ask them how they can buy those items for less. You might point out a smaller package, a generic brand, or a sale item. Have them write how much they are spending beside each item on their list. Don't forget to take photos!
  • How much did you save? Once they have all five items, let them add up the total cost. Were they about to find them all without spending more than $20? If not, they may need to switch out a few of the items for cheaper options. Remember, the more money they save, the more money they keep! If they can get all five items for $15, they get to keep $5. That’s a huge savings! Finally, let your child place the items on the belt, pay the cashier, and get their change.
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Teachable Moment

Teaching your kids how to spend wisely takes work and time . . . lots of time. It isn’t something they will completely grasp in their first shopping trip. But as you continue to involve them in the process, they will begin to understand how they can save simply by making better choices. Their saving skills will sharpen and, before you know it, they may just become the savviest shopper in town.

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