Fun Activities to Help You Raise Responsible Kids Connect with your kids and teach them responsibility, money, and the value of hard work-for free! See Activities
Each Activity Teaches Life Lessons: They think they're just having fun. But you know better! Your kids will learn the value of hard work, and why serving others and giving to help those in need are so important. They'll also see how saving money now adds up to a brighter future. These are big-time lessons all wrapped up in fun! See the Activities
Badges of Honor! Your child can collect all 16 activity badges and add them to their Mission Accomplished chart! See the Badges
Featured Activity Yearbook in a Box Let your kids go on a memento-finding mission for vacation photos, awards or certificates, artwork or drawings, recital programs, and so on. Place everything in the box and set a date on your calendar (Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve, maybe) when your family can open the box and go through the contents. When that day arrives, make it a family event! Tell your favorite memories from the year and be grateful for all the fun things you did together. Try it!
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